Dr. Amie Bend's Cold Buster Tips

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Whenever I feel as thought a cold might be coming on, I always drink a lot of water, go to bed early, and take my cold buster supplements. Formerly, I would take an Emergen-C and an Airborne, which is a good start. Now, my go to vitamins are Resveretrol, Vitamin D, I still reach for the Vitamin C, but my REAL power cold resister secret is Wild Oregano! It has both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties to them. I will always take my regular vitamins with my cold busters like my multi-vitamin, probiotic, and fish oils. In addition, I take a daily dose of goji berry juice, mixed in with a supergreen supplement powder that includes, but is not limited to, marine phytoplankton, spirulina, blue algea, probiotic blend, wheat grass and more…

I also take a daily supplement of poga juice. The major ingredients are composed of aloe vera juice and the moringa leaf. This leaf has a wealth of benefits to it including blood builder and iron in it that is great for prenatal women and breast feeding mothers alike. More specifically if you have a Sore Throat, I also like a throat spray by Singer called Throat spray it contains, honey, echinacea, and a few other tinctures that relieve throat pain immediately!

COLDBUSTER TEA: Usually the brand I recommend for colds is Gypsy care where you can choose from throat, chest,stomach, cold ect… depending on what you are suffering from…

The above suggestions of course are not going to work the same on everyone, but hope that they may help you if your run down or suffering. In any event when possible I also get a good Chiropractic adjustment to keep my immune system working at its best!


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My neck pain has dramatically decreased and I could not be happier with my results of my customized treatment plan. The level of care that I have received is outstanding and it is obvious that the concern of this office is not only personalizing each patients treatment, but improving your overall being.

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I am back to work with little or no pain and can sit and sleep comfortably. All with no medication!

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Although I had always believed in chiropractic and tried it before, the relief I found then was more short-term because I had never really learned about my body. Now I understand more about my body , and I have found long-term relief. I have actually slept a full night without taking medication and I have stayed out of the hospital!

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